Website dedicated to the event

To communicate around your event, create your website dedicated to the event very simply with Genius Registration.

The website dedicated to the event will include the registration form and you can customize it* to the image of your company / event, or by choosing the Templates made available to you.

By creating this website you can communicate all the necessary information to your participants: program, itineraries, etc..

The satisfaction questionnaire is created very simply by writing the questions you wish to ask, and by choosing the type of answer you wish to obtain. This means ratings, comments, or multiple choices for example.

gestion des inscriptions

The creation of the website is very easy to use! You can create a beautiful site with your images, videos, and add your texts. In addition, you can integrate call to action and hyperlinks, as well as your social networks.

It is advisable to integrate hyperlinks and your social networks as this will serve you as an additional source of SEO for your own website, corporate blog.